Black background. A photo of a woman and a man swinging in the air like a pendulum, looking powerful and graceful. They share a wheelchair which is held up in the air by black circus straps. She has frizzy brown hair, muscular arms and wears a grey tank top She is kneeling on his thighs and one of her arms holds the straps above her head while the other points down towards the floor. He has a neatly trimmed brown beard, muscular arms and wears a black tank top. He holds the straps to the sides of his chest with both hands. The image captures them at the highest point of the swing, to our right, bringing the man to an upside- down position with the woman above him. Their bodies are doing something hard, but their strength makes it look effortless. One word written in white, thick, brush-style letters above the photo: 'Human'.

The View From Here – a return to live performance

Written by Claire Hodgson Co-Artistic Director of Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies  We are about to premiere a new circus show called Human and I have never felt so human. This past…
Harry, Berni and Jess, three of Diverse City's Unexpected Leaders on a teal background.

Unexpected Leaders – building a new, fairer world

What is the Unexpected Leaders programme? We think that by transforming leadership and shifting power, we can change the arts. There are rafts of passionate, well intentioned, white, straight,…
Artistic Co-Directors Claire and Billy watch young artists as they perform.

Introducing: Connecting Communities

This year has been particularly tough on those reliant on face to face community arts services. Extraordinary Bodies’ Connecting Communities is filling the gaps that Covid-19 has exposed. The…
White logo on a purple background reading: "Women Leaders South West".

Putting Women On The Agenda

Over the last few years, it has been easy to feel positive about the progress being made by fourth-wave feminism. Unifying movements such as #MeToo, #YesAllWomen, #NiUnaMenos have risen…

Diverse City 2019 Highlights

What do you mean it’s the end of the year already? It has been another busy one for us at Diverse City and we want to celebrate some highlights…

S/Hero Stories: Parents Who Work for Diverse City

On November 8, our Comms Manager Caro attended PiPA‘s event at Vincent Dance Theatre in Brighton. The event focused on identifying resources and strategies to increase access to work…
Portrait of a young woman of colour with dark hair tied back, brown eyes and a silver necklace. She smiles at the camera.

Diverse City Celebrates Black History Month

According to our good old friend Wikipedia, Black History Month is “an annual observance originating in the United States”. It “began as a way of remembering important people and…
Five women stand one behind another with their arms raised up. In the foreground, a woman with short bleached blonde hair and a golden sequin skirt look over her shoulder with a cheeky smile.

Mid Life Work In Progress Performances Keep On Wowing Audiences

[sp_wpcarousel id=”2745″] We are still buzzing from not the one but the two Mid Life work in progress performances we delivered this month! Following a successful Ferment Fortnight show…
A young woman wearing glasses and a black t-shirt with a white Diverse City logo on it in the foreground. Her arms spread to her side, eyes closed. Behind her, several other performers making the same move.

Diverse City’s Inclusive Youth Theatre Training: One Year On From Ramps On The Moon

It is already one year ago that Diverse City worked with the amazing Ramps on the Moon to share our learning in inclusive Youth Theatre Training with major theatres…
Three women in jeans and leather jackets, wearing sunglasses. They look cool. They pose to the camera leaning against a brick wall, with attitude.

#BalanceforBetter – International Women’s Day 2019

This year, the International Women’s Day campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter: A balanced world is a better world. The IWD website prompts the question, ‘how can you help forge a…
A group of young artists outdoors waving a smiling under a blue sky

Thanks To You – Our Impact in 2018

Thanks To You – Our Impact in 2018 With the end of the year approaching, it feels like the perfect time to look back on the impact Diverse City…
A group of 5 young workshop participants move around a studio space; they are lunging, stretching, twisting, reaching and smiling.

Ramps on the Moon – Youth Theatre Training

Diverse City is excited to be working alongside Ramps on the Moon in a new partnership, bringing inclusive Youth Theatre Training to venues across the UK. Ramps on the Moon…
In the rehearsal room: Jamie is in the foreground, a distressed and concerned expression on his face. The actors gathered behind him are reaching forward, pointing at him with stern and serious facial expressions.

Jamie Beddard in The Elephant Man at Bristol Old Vic

Jamie Beddard stars as Joseph Merrick, alongside final year students of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in The Elephant Man, opening at Bristol Old Vic tonight. Diverse City is…