Harry, Berni and Jess, three of Diverse City's Unexpected Leaders on a teal background.

Unexpected Leaders – building a new, fairer world

What is the Unexpected Leaders programme? We think that by transforming leadership and shifting power, we can change the arts. There are rafts of passionate, well intentioned, white, straight,…

Diverse City and PiPA – how we’ve committed to supporting parents and carers in our workforce.

At the end of 2020, we were delighted to formalise our ongoing friendship and professional relationship with PiPA (Parents and Carers in Performing Arts) by becoming a Charter Partner….
Artistic Co-Directors Claire and Billy watch young artists as they perform.

Introducing: Connecting Communities

This year has been particularly tough on those reliant on face to face community arts services. Extraordinary Bodies’ Connecting Communities is filling the gaps that Covid-19 has exposed. The…