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Changing the arts with Co-Productions

We believe that the best way to achieve our goal of true representation onstage, off stage and in the audience, is through partnerships.

Co-productions enable us to embed change and exchange knowledge while we create something terrific together. Interested? 

Let's change the arts!


Diverse City is diving into an exhilarating creative journey. Over the next three years, we’ll be producing three captivating theatre shows, as well as a participatory, outdoor, aquatic extravaganza! We’re excited to tour these shows around the UK, so if you’re interested in us bringing any or all of our four productions to your theatre, or co-producing the work with us, please do get in touch.

Uncovering real life stories and exploring how we fulfil our potential, these shows explore mental health, intersectionality, our connection to nature, radical joy, shared human experiences and more.

Our work

The Other Life I Lead

Coming soon

An electrifying journey into the depths of self-discovery, resilience, and unapologetic authenticity.

Step into a world of unfiltered authenticity, where the rules are rewritten, where  labels and limitations are left behind. The Other Life I Lead is an electrifying queer/crip night out celebrating the most alive and unfiltered versions of ourselves.

Featuring original music by Harry Bassett, this groundbreaking gig-theatre experience fuses movement, circus, poetry, and music into a powerful force that challenges the masks we wear in society. We dare to ask: When can we reveal our true selves? When do we feel the need to conceal? Why do we live fragmented lives when a whole life should be within reach?

The Other Life I Lead transcends boundaries and celebrates the rich tapestry of human existence. It’s an invitation to embrace your unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetically fabulous self—a vibrant celebration of life in all its magnificent forms. Join us in the revelry.


Coming soon

A national participatory project celebrating ordinary lives and our extraordinary bodies in nature. 

SW!M is Diverse City’s national participatory project led by Claire Hodgson and Deborah Paige. SW!M and Sw!m Too were performed in Swanage in 2022 and 2023. SW!M 75 was performed in Weston Super Mare in October 2023. The Sw!m shows collect the verbatim stories of swimmers and share these alongside mass choreographed movement in the sea and on nearby land, celebrating ordinary lives and our extraordinary bodies in nature.

Coming to a seaside town near you!


Mid Life

Spring 2025

Hold tight. There’s a change coming.


Claire was the South-East of England disco dancing champion in 1982. Surely, she can’t be menopausal? Jacqui’s busy looking after the grandkids but there’s some stuff she needs to get off her chest. Karen lives alone by the sea. She’s a survivor.

These are Mid Life women – unpaid carers, up-all-nighters, emotional load bearers, shoulders to cry on, school-runners and piece-picker-uppers. Join them as they find a way through the loss, mess, despair, frustration, freedom, joy and possibility of the middle years.

After a sell-out run in 2019, and a successful short film that explored these characters further, Mid Life is being re-mounted to bring the foot-stomping, disco-dancing catharsis to a whole new audience.

All We Have

Coming soon

‘A journey out to sea, and what happens when you live inside your mind on a small boat.’

Humans have always taken voyages to discover themselves and the world around them. Our mythology is full of stories of the sea, and tales of human being pitting themselves against the terrifying vastness of the sea.

What happens when you are blown off course?  A story with many tentacles, All That We Have explores the stories and myths of the individual’s struggles with isolation whilst answering calls to adventure.  Accompanied by elements of sci-fi and sea shanties.

Vast yet intimate in scale, All We Have blends physical theatre with circus and music. 

All We Have is co-produced with Ad Infinitum, a multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed theatre company


1 October, 2pm, 2023

Join us as we celebrate 75 years of the NHS in this collaboration with Super Culture in Weston-Super-Mare.

Bestival 2023

July 2023

We were delighted to collaborate with our friends at Cirque Bijou on another of their spectacular finales to Bestival in Dorset.

Waldo’s Circus of Magic and Terror


Extraordinary Bodies presents a new musical co-produced with Bristol Old Vic and Theatre Royal Plymouth. A spectacular story of love and resistance, set in a travelling circus touring Germany in 1933.



A show written by Jamie Beddard, about how things need to fall apart before they can into place. Delicate was presented by Extraordinary Bodies and co-produced with Figurteatret i Nordland (Nordland Visual Theatre) and Theatre Royal Plymouth. Delicate toured between October and December 2022.

Bestival 2022

30 July, 2022

We are very excited to be working in tandem with our good friends at Cirque Bijou on some seriously funky moves at Camp Bestival this year as we attempt to break the Guinness world record for World’s Largest Disco Dance! The current record stands at 324 disco dancers, so we’d like to invite you and your family to join us when we take on our world record challenge on Saturday 30th July.

The Delicate Podcast


The Delicate Podcast is our digital piece that stands alongside our live show Delicate delving deeper into the themes and creative process.


2021 - 2023

Human is about the small moments that shape us. This new show from Extraordinary Bodies is a poetic record of our time, based on the real life stories of our company and performers, told through circus, music and film.
Intimate, funny and celebratory, Human looks inPart circus, part serenade, part cinema, Human is about the small moments that shape us. We toured the show twice, in 2021 and 2022, and made a film version that was available to venues.to the heart of birth, love and change.

Mid Life: The Skin We’re In


A poetic look at how to celebrate, survive and thrive in your own skin. This vital, uplifting film explores the expectations we place on women’s bodies, and how we can rise through them to a deeper appreciation of ourselves.

Mid Life


Based on the real life experiences of Claire Hodgson, Karen Spicer and Jacqui Beckford, this joyful, potent show took on the taboos surrounding menopause. Weaving together BSL, audio description, orThese are midlife women – unpaid carers, up-all-nighters, emotional load bearers, shoulders to cry on, school-runners and piece-picker-uppers. Join them as they find a way through the loss, mess, despair, frustration, freedom, joy and possibility of the middle years.

iginal music, dance, and theatre, Mid Life told an honest story of different experiences of the same life event to sell out audiences in Bristol and London. Mid Life is currently available for touring.

For more on the show click here.

Created with support from Ferment at Bristol Old Vic.



Splash! was an immersive outdoor summer show for Every Body. It was commissioned in 2018 by the East Midlands Splash! Consortium, led by The Mighty Creatives. It was directed by Billy Alwen and Jamie Beddard and was written by the directors in collaboration with Richard Headon and Donna Williams.

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