National Lottery Community Fund Logo: crossed fingers and the phrase 'community fund' in pink.

National Lottery supports Connecting Communities through Diverse Leadership

Diverse City is happy to say that last month The National Lottery agreed a £197,397 grant for our 3 year, national Connecting Communities programme: “We are delighted to build…
Four women standing in line. On the left, a black woman with a Pride rainbow flag on her shoulder smiles, she is looking at the two in the middle who are hugging. One of them wears a black Diverse City t-shirt and has grey curly hair and the other wears a pink one piece and has black skin. The fourth woman on the right looks in front of her with a proud and determined smile.

Mid Life Meets the Next Generation

The team who brought you Mid Life and Mid Life: The Skin We’re In are back again to complete a triptych of explorations into the female experience.   We…

Women Leaders South West: Meet Vandna

Women make up around 70% of arts audiences and 70% of the arts workforce, but only about 30% of arts leadership (Elizabeth Freestone and The Guardian). This sort of…
Close up photo of a puppet being held by performers. It shows a young woman with blonde hair, an orange top and sea shells and blue and yellow fish scales on her face.

Global Day of Parents: how we support parents and carers in our workforce

Today is Global Day of Parents. Over the past year, reduced childcare has made it deeply challenging to be a working parent. Supporting those who care for children and…
Harry, Berni and Jess, three of Diverse City's Unexpected Leaders on a teal background.

Unexpected Leaders – building a new, fairer world

What is the Unexpected Leaders programme? We think that by transforming leadership and shifting power, we can change the arts. There are rafts of passionate, well intentioned, white, straight,…

Diverse City and PiPA – how we’ve committed to supporting parents and carers in our workforce.

At the end of 2020, we were delighted to formalise our ongoing friendship and professional relationship with PiPA (Parents and Carers in Performing Arts) by becoming a Charter Partner….
Black and white portraits of Becky and Claire, in conversation with hands moving.

Change Creation – Aligning the Stars with Unlikely Alliances

So what is Change Creation? Change Creation connects and supports cultural leaders, to create change across the cultural sector. Over two years, ‘People make it work’ are leading a network of…
A group of 5 young workshop participants move around a studio space; they are lunging, stretching, twisting, reaching and smiling.

Ramps on the Moon – Youth Theatre Training

Diverse City is excited to be working alongside Ramps on the Moon in a new partnership, bringing inclusive Youth Theatre Training to venues across the UK. Ramps on the Moon…