Changing the arts with Digital work

Digital work can reach places and people that conventional stagework can’t. It also provides its own unique creative opportunies! We’re excited to be expanding into digital work and spreading our commitment to inclusion even further.

Let's change the arts!

We do digital.

Like many companies, we found that the pandemic prevented almost all of our live work from going ahead. We decided to turn adversity into opportunity! We created a number of short films based around existing work, and commissioned a new digital series from of our existing commissioned artists: Digi-Tales.

We also ran a community project Connecting Communities, almost entirey remotely, which was a roaring success and has gone on to bear its own creative fruit.

We’re beginning our voyage into the world of podcasting, and sending some of our filmed work into the film festival circuit. We couldn’t be happier or more excited about the creative opportunities this is allowing us – it’s been a heck of a silver lining in a dark cloudy time.

Eventually we hope to stream work through our site, but for now, check out our Youtube channel, or click on the links on the right to explore our digital work further. Keep your eyes peeled for news of where you can see our digital work. You’ll hear it here first.

Ready for more?

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Digital Partners

Biggerhouse Film logo: A beige rectangle with "Biggerhouse" in bold capital red letters and "film" in smaller white typewriter-style letter. Hand-drawn old school camera on the left.

Biggerhouse Film

Knaïve logo: Thin, modern-style letters spell out: "Knaïve Theatre" in black on a white background.

Knaïve Theatre

Knowle West Media Centre logo: White background and strong, straight, black letters: "KWMC" followed by a small red star. "Knowle West Media Centre" in smaller straight, black letters underneath.

Knowle West Media Centre

All photos above © Diverse City / Below: Left © Dom Moore, Right © Gemma Aldred

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