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In October, we worked alongside Super Culture to combine two of Weston-Super-Mare’s greatest assets: their beautiful marine lake, and the amazing staff of their incredible hospital, to create SW!M75 –  a one time performance in celebration of the NHS’s 75th birthday.


Diverse City’s Co-Artistic Director Claire Hodgson and director Deborah Paige collected the stories and perspectives of those who work in Weston’s local NHS Services. These voices were shared as part of a live performance at the Marine Lake.

SW!M75 brought together local Weston people, both in and out of the water, in a performance that amplified the voices of NHS workers and celebrates all that our bodies can do in and out of the water.  

A participatory piece, we invited members of the public to take the plunge, both figuratively and literally and join in the performance. We were blown away by their enthusiasm and fearlessness!

Thanks to Super Culture for both capturing the day with this lovely film, but also for sharing it with us!

Our cast was drawn from Weston’s newly established Super Synchro group and Open Waters Synchro who performed alongside NHS workers and anyone else who was keen to be involved. We were delighted to welcome welcome D/deaf, disabled and non-disabled performers equally, in or out of the water. With the support of WhatsUpUK, who make paddle boarding accessible for everyone, our Co-Artistic Director Jamie was up and out on the water and joining in the fun. A huge thank you to them!

The action in and around the water was accompanied by original music composed by Harry Bassett, a graduate of our Unexpected Leaders programme. Director Deborah Paige worked with Harry to compile stories and soundbites into the music, weaving together the real life experiences of people working in the NHS with the music, which he wrote specifically for the performance.

The NHS workers’ words form their own part of the music, swirling through a score which ebbs and flows from moments of joy and celebration, to moments of reflection and tranquillity.

One thing that excites me about a project like this is how it constantly evolves and changes… There are always little intricacies that pop up throughout the creative process, which can take stories to a whole new dimension. You come up with one idea, but then you try to develop it and a brand-new and better idea emerges!’

– Harry Bassett, composer and musician.

 The soundtrack to SW!M75 will be a lasting testimony, and a profound local thank you, to NHS workers. You can listen to the whole soundscape online here.


SW!M75 was a co-production between Super Culture and Diverse City

SW!M was originally created in Swanage in a collaboration between Mowlem Theatre and Diverse City for the 2022 Jubilee celebrations.

Co-Directed by Claire Hodgson and Deborah Paige
Choreographed by Claire Hodgson
Audio Created by Deborah Paige
Sound by Harry Bassett

SW!M75 was supported by the National Grid’s Community Matters Fund

Community Matters Fund logo - two green hands shaking on a white background.


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