“This Town Of Ours” – Out Next Week


“This Town Of Ours” by Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists

Since the beginning of lockdown, our young artists have been creating new digital work around their show “Till We Win”. They have been working with Biggerhouse Film and talented musician and composer Harry Bassett on a new piece called “This Town Of Ours”. They are now ready to share it with the world!

“This Town Of Ours” is about fighting back and gaining a voice. It’s about celebrating ‘difference’ and diversity in our community. EBYA stand in solidarity with #WeShallNotBeRemoved – the UK disability arts alliance that supports D/deaf, neurodivergent and disabled creatives and organisations through and after Covid-19.

This Town Of Ours is a direct response to being in lockdown, wanting to keep our creativity thriving and making our voices heard. It’s our message to our community and a demand for respect, equality, unity in the world.” The EBYA Team

Where and when to watch “This Town Of Ours”

It will be posted on our Facebook page as well as on our YouTube channel. “This Town Of Ours” is captioned and BSL interpreted, and an Audio Described version will be available here. Follow us on social media for a reminder of the video links at 11:50am on Thursday. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of our video content.

Join us online for the official release on
Thursday 3rd of September at 12:00 noon

Promo image for "This Town Of Ours" release: illustration showing a group of disabled and non-disabled young people with their fists in the air. Some of them hold up a placard that reads: "Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists Digital, Till We Win".

Something else to look forward to

Look out for another exciting digital piece by Extraordinary Bodies later in September. “What Do You See In Me?” captures a moment in time through physicality, dance and music. Click here to sign up to the Extraordinary Bodies newsletter to receive updates about the release and follow Extraordinary Bodies on social media.

GIF: Purple watercolour background and white bold words underlined one after another that read Justie, Creativity, Collaboration, Optimism, followed by Support our movement: Click here to donate today. Diverse City logo.

Extraordinary Bodies is the collaboration between Diverse City and Cirque Bijou.

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