We are changing the world through the arts.
Diversity onstage, off stage and in the audience:
because difference is human.

Making change through the arts

We think that lasting change comes from working together to make punchy, bold productions that audiences will love.

Whenever we work in partnership, we embed good practice so that you can go forwards and hold up high standards too.

Change through action – no more lectures: let’s make representation happen.

circus for every body

Extraordinary Bodies is a professional circus company and a partnership between Cirque Bijou & Diverse City.

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Youth performing arts training

An integrated theatre company for 16-30s creating ambitious and challenging work, performed across the UK.

About Diverse City

Pioneering social change since 2005

We don’t all look, speak or think the same, but looking at representation in the arts, you’d never know it. We believe that the people who create and perform should represent the whole population as it actually is.

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A white woman with glitter on her face, dressed in 70s clothes strikes a pose in front of a huge discoball.

Spotlight on Claire Hodgson

We are fortunate, here at Diverse City, to have not one, but two Artistic Directors: Claire Hodgson, and Jamie Beddard. On paper, their role is to lead the company’s…
A young, white man with midlength dark hair, and a beard.

Humane Employment: A Conversation with Jonny Leitch

At Diverse City, we believe wholeheartedly in Humane Employment. By that, we mean that work should not be something you have to endure. We want everyone we work with…
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We’re Going to Bestival 2022!

We are very excited to be heading to Camp Bestival in Dorest this year. Our very own Claire Hodgson is leading the charge as we help Bestival try to…
A middle-aged white woman waving a rainbow-coloured scarf above her head on a dark stage. Behind her, a black middle aged woman and a white middle aged woman, a young black woman, and a young white woman BSL interpreting. They all celebrate, hands up in the air.

Mid Life: The Skin We’re In celebrating Pride 2022 with WOFFF

We’re so pleased to be celebrating Pride 2022 not just in our hearts, but by contributing to this year’s Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF) Pride Shorts at Riverside…

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